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Paul Pierce Does Not Care Anymore

Updated: May 11, 2015

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[Paul Pierce arrives in style for the early bird special.]

Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about how when Florida drivers reach a certain age, they decide that when they back out of their driveway, they are not looking anymore: “I’m old and I’m coming back. I survived, let’s see if you can.”

Paul Pierce plays basketball like he lives in Del Boca Vista. When you watch Pierce in person, you notice that he spends almost every break in the action hanging around the bench talking to Randy Wittman like he’s at a pick-up game in the park. When his teammates are shooting free throws, he lounges on the opposite end of the court.

On offense he plays in slow motion. Some of the most entertaining moments of Game 3 were when Pierce pump faked a 3-pointer and casually watched as a Hawk defender flew by. Instead of driving to the rim or leaning in to pick up three easy free throws, he just pauses for a second, amused, and passes to a wide-open teammate. It’s like he’s playing against his little brother and giving him a chance to get up after knocking him down.

Even his final buzzer beater was leisurely. Pierce caught the ball, eyed the clock, and knew he had a few seconds to kill. He calmly waited until the clock hit two seconds before stepping back for a fade-away and gently easing himself onto the floor.

Pierce isn’t affected by the pressure of playoff basketball, much like your elderly grandfather doesn’t care about global warming or ISIS or any of the other issues of the day. He has already lived his life. He got married, had kids, worked 40 years, and retired before you were even born. In NBA years, Pierce’s 17 seasons make him the equivalent of a 90-year-old man.

That’s what made Dennis Schröder’s comment about Pierce’s game-winner (and Pierce’s response) so perfect. Schröder called Pierce’s shot “lucky” and Pierce fired back, “I guess Schröder’s going to say that ‘cause he’s a little young. He hasn’t been able to see it over the past 17 years.”

Paul Pierce has his car in reverse. Everybody better watch out.

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[Take the pen, Jerry.]

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