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VIDEO: Paul Pierce Delivers Instant Classic in Washington Franchise Playoff History

Updated: May 11, 2015
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Via Paul Pierce’s Instagram: “I called game”

Screams of the “The TRUUUUTH” rang loudly throughout a raucous Verizon Center as fans celebrated Paul Pierce’s walk-off winner on Saturday night in the nation’s capital. It was a remarkable, emotional turnaround after the arena became hushed with anxiety while watching a 20-point Wizards lead evaporate.

From the 200 level, I recorded Pierce’s bank shot craziness. Let’s watch.

There is so much awesomeness in that clip to unpack.

  • Randy Wittman motioned to Will Bynum to go set a screen for Pierce, and the coach was doing his typical dance routine on the sideline.
  • Beal landed more clean punches on Pierce than Pacquiao did on Mayweather. Beal afterwards“I know his chest probably hurt, I hit him in the chest about 10 times.”
  • John Wall was so happy to celebrate with his teammates, only breaking from the pile to wave his good right hand around to the crowd.
  • The explosion of sound when Pierce’s bank shot went it was a blast of happy rowdiness.
  • Kris Humphries had his hands in the air the whole time like he knew Pierce would deliver for his team.
  • Assistant coach Don Zierden was the only one sitting on the bench.
  • Ted Leonsis reacted by putting his hands straight up in the air.
  • Nene had one arm up in joy, but immediately headed back to the locker room. With his injury history, probably good move not to get involved in the pile.
  • At the end of the clip, a jubilant Wizards fan behind me kept jumping up and down.

Here is video of the replay they showed on the big screen:

  • In the joyous pandemonium, a fan in a Beal jersey joined in with the players (!!) and twice got pushed away by a camera man.
  • Once Pierce got up off the ground, he went straight into WWE mode, and Wall ripped off his headband.

In the modern Washington professional basketball era, the Gilbert Arenas game-winner against Chicago in 2005 is still the supreme moment because it put the Wizards up 3-2 in the series in Chicago. Washington returned home to close it out 4-2 and win their first playoff series in over two decades (the first since ’82).

Pierce’s bank shot beauty has moved in right behind Arenas’ shot (and maybe ahead if the Wizards advance to the conference finals). There are several potential memories left to be made in this postseason run, but no matter how things shake out, Paul Pierce’s legacy in D.C. will always possess this May 9 magic, capped with this enduring quote: “I CALLED GAME, GAME.” 

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