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Looking Like a Wizards Podcast. How U?

Updated: September 10, 2015

[Basketball Courts of Columbia Heights, D.C. -- via instagram.com/truthaboutit]

[Basketball Courts of Columbia Heights, D.C. — via instagram.com/truthaboutit]

This past September 7th was the fourth anniversary of Roger Mason, Jr.’s tweet, “Looking like a season. How u,” during the 2011 NBA Lockout. People got excited, as in, ‘looking like a season is going to happen,’ but Mason soon after deleted the tweet and claimed he was “hacked.” Later Mason blamed it on an assistant (which still reads fishy as hell via this report), and then Mason sort-of claimed that he meant ‘looking like the lockout is going to last an entire season.’ NBA owners and players then didn’t reach an agreement to end the lockout until late-November.

[via CBSSports]

[via CBSSports]

Weren’t those fun times? And in case you were wondering, Mason’s Twitter gaffe is featured on this handy lockout timeline from NBA.com. That was also the lockout summer where Jan Vesely was robbed of his first official NBA summer league. What could have been. What. Could. Have. Been.

Otherwise… In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a bit of a dead time here at TAI. Why? We can’t quite explain. Summer. Being grown-ups. Jobs. Not having to answer to corporate overlords and churn out posts like, “How Far Could the Really Wizards Go If John Wall Like Really Actually Steps Up His Game?”

Don’t worry. We aren’t going anywhere. Everyone needs a break. Have you had a Kit Kat bar lately? They are certainly not on the same plane as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but would put up a good fight in a battle against a Butterfinger.

This is a blog. This isn’t a blog. We aren’t logging the Web here. We are opining and analyzing and fretting over and getting silly about the local NBA basketball team, in blog form. Cheers!

How does anyone keep up with updates to a website now-a-days, anyway? Having used, and still miss, Google Reader … I feel Internet old.

Where we we again? Oh yeah, this is a self-published blog post about an auditory podcast about the Washington Wizards.

Adam McGinnis, TAI-stalwart, local bro, and all-around Internet guy, and I got together this past Labor Day Sunday to fire guns at piles of dung about the Washington Wizards. We recorded not one, not two, but a three-part podcast.

In Part 1, we look back on the season that was, rap about the postseason, and try to digest Washington’s draft night in June. Click for full access to our first Pixel-&-Roll Podcast of the year (1). The sound pixels are also embedded below; you can also access via iTunes or Stitcher. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

  1. The new NBA year which officially started after the 2015 draft, that is. Also, the podcast is hosted via PodBean, FWIW.
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