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The Pixel-and-Roll Show: Kevin Durant’s DC Homecoming

Updated: November 10, 2015

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In honor of Kevin Durant returning to the DMV on Tuesday night for the Oklahoma City Thunder versus Washington Wizards contest, I hosted two separate podcast shows with relevant guests. Sporting News NBA editor Adi Joseph provided the national perspective. Bullets Forever head honcho, Jake Whitacre, supplied the Wiz community angle.

Joseph, a graduate of the University of Maryland, covered the Wizards in his previous gig at USA Today, and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. In our lengthy and informative conversation, Joseph brings superb takes on the NBA and the Wizards.

Show topic list:

  • top storylines of the new NBA season;
  • biggest disappointments in NBA;
  • biggest surprises in NBA;
  • Joseph’s preseason ranking of the Wizards;
  • national perception of Washington;
  • ranking the Eastern Conference;
  • Bradley Beal’s contract situation;
  • John Wall’s awesomeness;
  • Randy Wittman embracing a new offense;
  • and whether Kevin Durant will come to D.C.?

(The Wizards segment begins at the 26-minute mark.)

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If there is a Mount Rushmore of the #KD2DC movement over the past few years, best believe Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever is on that chiseled rock. His Durant posts are often great satire and always pixel-pop pageview magnets. I asked Whitacre about his role in perpuating the KD speculation, possible regrets, any backlash from fans, how Durant’s decision will play out, and what to expect tonight in the Phone Booth. Also, we analyze if this thirsty behavior has pushed KD away, given his recent standoff comments towards the whole ordeal.

Show topic list:

  • evaluating the Wizards season;
  • positives;
  • negatives;
  • adjustments;
  • outlook;
  • Kevin Durant;
  • #KD2DC;
  • Wizards vs. Thunder.

kevin durant, kd2dc, pixel and roll, podcast, washington wizards, Oklahoma City, Thunder, verizon center, kd homecoming, jake whitacre, adam mcginnin, podcast



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