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Bradley Beal Out Two Weeks with Ye Olde Incipient Stress Fracture

Updated: December 12, 2015


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In film and books and the other things we like to watch and read, there’s often hope attached to the concept of a temporal loop. Oh sure, the character is stuck in a despair-inducing regurgitation of already-occurred events, and that experience will likely turn at least a portion of their consciousness to banana mush. But at the same time, it must be happening for a reason, right? Right?


There must be something one can do to break the cycle, some lesson to be learned. It has to mean something. Everyone agrees that it has to mean something. We all agree. And then when that one thing is done, that one perfected moment has happened, life can resume.

Bradley Beal, once again, has been diagnosed with the beginning stages of a stress fracture in his fibula after experiencing a measure of “tightness” in his right leg (yes, the same stress-fracturin’ leg of yore). The Wizards are going to rest him for two weeks, and then re-evaluate the bone to see if it’s solid enough to run it into the ground again.

Over the past 11 days, Beal has logged minute totals of 41, 42, 38, 38, 41, 40, and 39 minutes in seven games (h/t @DrewDinkmeyer). Then again, he also missed games prior to that with a bonked-up shoulder. Beal’s heavy minutes are almost unavoidable, as the team still hasn’t found a secondary playmaker to complement John Wall, and Beal is the closest thing they’ve got. He’s also the team’s best shooter. He’s also in line for a hefty sum next summer, and injury concerns are just about the only thing making Beal’s imminent max contract a debatable issue.

While Beal is out, Garrett Temple will most likely step into the starting lineup, while Gary Neal continues to provide scoring alongside Ramon Sessions in the second unit. To celebrate Garrett Temple’s position in the starting lineup and to soothe my aching heart, I’ve included an excerpt from a ten-act drama that my agent tells me is coming to a local theater in 2049.

[curtain opens on garrett temple laughing with three young ladies in a booth at clyde’s after a blowout victory. he goes unrecognized or at least unapproached among the patrons. between smiles you can see the pain that comes with utility]

YL1: wow that guy definitely didn’t think you were nba player garrett temple
YL2: wow that guy definitely didn’t think you were nba player garrett temple
YL3: hold on a second that guy looked like he might have recognized you as nba player garrett temple
YL1: has anyone ever told you you look like otto porter
YL2: otto porter’s favorite healthy food is tilapia fish
PSA: tilapia fish isn’t healthy food
[man in tuxedo strides by, never breaking eye contact with temple but slowly tipping a top hat temple’s way]
YL3: what do you think about the child discipline controversy?
[a can of caviar wobbles precariously across the stage, at times spinning like a top, at times growing eyestalks with caviar eyes, at times seeming to whirl towards stillness only to widen its gait]
GT: Wait a minute.
[YL1 is now John Wall]
YL1: Fresher than a Mississippi pimp.
[YL2 is now John Wall]
YL2: A wealthy ex-adventurer named Balda seeks a party to recover and destroy an evil artifact from the lost city of Ningalond in the Scorched Earth. However, the party soon finds itself facing a moral quandary.
[YL3 is now Randy Wittman]
[YL3 hands Temple a baseball glove]
YL3: Ground ball drills, let’s go.

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