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The Pixel-and-Roll Show: TAI Crew Unleashed on the ‘Land of Kobestan’

Updated: December 11, 2015


Two members of the Truth About It crew, Conor Dirks and John Converse Townsend, joined me on the Pixel-and-Roll podcast for the first time this year. We were fired up about Washington’s tumultuous start to the season and my profanity (sorry, not sorry) threatened to match the Wizards’ high turnover rate.

Show topics:
The Wizards’ improbable victory over the Cavs, the horrible loss to the Lakers, awful Kobe fans, the worst home environment in Verizon Center history, evaluating the transition to “pace and space,” deciding if John Wall is BACK, dissecting Bradley Beal, and sharing stories about Martell Webster, now that he’s no longer a Wizard.


Abdullah Sharif of Hoop District joined me in a two-part podcast jam about the Wizards during the holiday break. All of the topics discussed are still relevant.

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