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Gortat on the Season, the Offseason, and Driving Taxis — Dispatches from Poland

Updated: April 5, 2016

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After Washington’s loss to the Clippers on Sunday afternoon, Marcin Gortat sat down with Marcin Harasimowicz, a Los Angeles-based journalist with Przeglad Sportowy, a major sports media outlet in Poland. Gortat spoke of the disappointing 2015-16 Wizards season, watching the playoffs from home, and movie cameos, amongst other things.

Below is a translation of the interview via TAI’s Polish Correspondent, Bartosz Bielecki.

Marcin Harasimowicz: You were aiming high before the season, but it turns out, you won’t even make the playoffs…

Marcin Gortat: The playoffs got away from us, although we have been playing much better since All-Star Weekend than we were in the beginning of the season. Some of the injured players returned, new players were added that improved our team, too. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The sources of the failure can be found in the first months of the season.

MH: Do you believe you’ve been missing a veteran—like Paul Pierce last season—who could carry the weight on his shoulders in crunch time?

Gortat: It’s not about a player like Pierce. He didn’t even play 30 minutes per game. We lacked good performances from our starters. And I mean myself as well, because I didn’t play well in the beginning. We also lacked determination, we didn’t fight, we didn’t have a heart for the game.

MH: Statistically, was it a better season for you than the last one?

Gortat: Definitely. Individually it was better, but it doesn’t matter. Stats don’t matter at this point. We lost this season. That’s the only stat that represents our place in the NBA hierarchy. Individual achievements won’t do anything for me. In the end of April, I will sit in my pool and watch the playoffs on TV.

MH: What should change with this team before the start of next season?

Gortat: We should gain determination, be more humble, analyze the mistakes that we made, and prepare much better for the beginning of next season. The truth is, the leaders of this team have to play at much higher level. Much better.

MH: You’re about to have more free time than you’ve had in a while. What will you be up to in the upcoming months?

Gortat: I’ll rest for sure… I’m terribly tired. I’m not hiding the fact that the games with the (Polish) national team in the past years have caught up with me. I need to regenerate. I’ll spend a lot of time with my family. My mom’s health is really bad, and she needs me now.

MH: You won’t play in the postseason, but we will see you in a Hollywood production. Could you reveal any details?

Gortat: I made a little cameo. I did it for the sheer experience, making new contacts, getting to know new people. I played a role of a taxi driver. Nothing big.

MH: What’s the title of the movie?

Gortat: You’ll find out soon. I did it for fun, so don’t get your hopes high.


[Mr. Gortat. Photo credit: Marta Wojtal, for Poland’s “Champion” magazine.]

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Bartosz Bielecki
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Bart is TAI’s Polish correspondent, covering all things Marcin Gortat from the mother country, including transcribing Gortat interviews with Polish media.