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Tomas Satoransky Adapts to the NBA — Interview Translation

Updated: November 9, 2016

[Ed. Note: Michal Škubla is from Slovakia, writes for a Czech/Slovak NBA website, and is friends with TAI’s Czech correspondent, Lukas Kuba. On Monday, Michal covered the Wizards vs. Rockets game in D.C. and afterward interviewed Tomas Satoransky for Below is a translation of that interview via Kuba.]


How quickly were you are able to adapt to the American style of basketball? Was it a big leap between Barcelona and the NBA?

Tomas: It’s definitely a big leap, especially the difference in play. It’s a different basketball game, athletic and based more on individuality. On the other hand, I think I already have some experience—I was here in the summer practicing and working out—so I was able to adapt pretty quickly.

What was it like to sit down in the locker room next to players like John Wall and Bradley Beal for the first time? Did you feel nervous or did you play it cool?

Tomas: Not really! I already knew them both from the Summer League in 2012, the year I was drafted. Back then, Brad was drafted in the first round, I went in the second round, and John was playing in the Las Vegas Summer League, so we’ve seen each other, that’s why I didn’t feel any big jitters. But of course, there’s some of that excitement when you come to a new team and especially to the NBA, but they were all totally cool and I think that we immediately got along very well.

Which teammate do you get along with the best?

Tomas: Well, probably best with Marcin Gortat, because he’s the only European whom we have here. It’s great, he particularly helped me a lot in my early days with all the things I needed after arriving in America. He lent me his car, and you can say that he took care of me a little bit. We understand each other a lot, but I get along with others, too. I don’t want to somehow extra highlight anybody.

Who is the biggest personality / leader in the locker room?

Tomas: Well, clearly it’s John, who has been playing here for seven seasons and you can really hear him during practices, but also when we are in the dressing room. He almost always has the highest word. But of course there’s Bradley as well, or Marcin, who’s been in the NBA for 10 years. So those guys are the three biggest personalities on the team.

How you get along with coach Scott Brooks?

Tomas: I think we got along well from the start. Back in the summer, I had an opportunity to stop by his residence and did a workout directly with him, so it was very important for me to get to know a coach who doesn’t have much experience with European players. But I think everything is fine so far, even though currently we are not experiencing an ideal period—after all we have a 1-5 record. We are trying to solve what we are missing in order to win games.

On Saturday you started your first game in the NBA, were you surprised by this nomination?

Tomas: It certainly did surprise me. Actually I learned about this immediately after Friday’s game against Atlanta, which was our only win so far. But then I took it as a normal game, after all the team tries to rest John Wall in each back-to-back game because of his knee, and when you know about it the day before, you take it different than if you learned about it an hour before a game.

Looking at tonight’s game [vs. the Rockets], was the problem team defense in the second half?

Tomas: Yeah, I think the problem was our defense. That’s exactly what happens to us in almost every game, as if we are unable to maintain concentration and good performance for the full 48 minutes. We are not consistent and there’s always a stretch of the game when both our offense and defense fall apart. We should primarily focus on defense and, unfortunately, we didn’t fulfill that responsibility today.

Lastly, could you say something about Washington, D.C.? How do you like the city? Do you live somewhere near the arena?

Tomas: I live about 15-20 minutes away in Arlington, which is actually in the state of Virginia. Mainly because there’s a little cleaner and nicer environment there, and in D.C. there’s a bit of a problem with housing. But I must say that the city of Washington itself is great, it’s one of the nicest places in which I’ve been to in the U.S. And I would say that you can feel the European culture here, too, and it’s one of the most historic cities in the whole States, which definitely suits me.

Lukas Kuba