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What Is It With the Washington Wizards and Making Kids Cry?

Updated: November 17, 2016

OK, so we don’t exactly know if this young boy—decked out in Wizards gear with his family in Philadelphia—was crying about the actual crappy Washington Wizards on Wednesday night. Maybe his mom said ‘no’ to Dippin’ Dots, the ice cream of the future.

What we do know is that the Comcast video cameras so graciously caught him ‘in a moment’ and that later, on Twitter, Marcin Gortat apologized to the “little Polish fan” for what he had to see. Ugh.

Confession: I’ve cried about basketball before. One time, as a 14-year-old turd, I both cried and felt old/comfortable enough to cuss like hell-fire in front of my dad and one of his friends (a lady) because my favorite college team, Mississippi State, got obliterated by UCLA, 67-86, in the 1995 NCAA Sweet Sixteen. But that was only in front of like three people, including the little pre-teen shit that was myself. This poor kid is now internet famous because of the Wizards, and tears.

I feel bad for him. Yet, I’m encouraged by the fact that he ever became a fan of the franchise in the first place. Even if one day he becomes grown-up Adam Gerloff, who once upon a time in November 2012 quit the franchise of his home region and never looked back.

What’s more disconcerting is that this is the second time in the last eight months that a young fan in a Wizards jersey has been caught on television crying, pouting—upset. This is from March 2016, a seeming tiff between brothers:

Not the way to treat young followers of a franchise that has failed to connect with the local fanbase and draw people to games (Washington’s is ranked 25th in average home attendance so far this season).

But I’m not worried. I’m stuck.

And, just like JaVale McGee once said after saying “Can’t say I do” … I’m sure the Wizards will figure it out sooner or later.





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