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Marcin Gortat’s Bad Week

Updated: March 4, 2017

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Washington completed an average week of hoops by losing to Utah, defeating Golden State and splitting a pair of games with Toronto. Marcin Gortat — or, specifically, his face — had one unforgettable (and painful) moment during the Wizards road victory in Canada. John Wall threw a hard fast ball pass that rocked an unaware Gortat in the head.


At least Gortat didn’t take the incident too seriously.

In last night’s loss to the Raptors, the Polish big man submitted another play for Shaqtin’ a Fool’s consideration when he unintentionally batted the ball into the opponent’s basket.

After Washington’s practice today, I asked Gortat about these weird basketball bloopers.

“It was a bad week, man. Bad week,” said Gortat. “First of all, two Shaqtin’ a fool. First with John, Great Pass (sarcasm). Two, the deflection into the basket. My shots are getting blocked, left and right. I had two games, where I basically fouled out. Foul trouble, against Golden State and Toronto. It was bad games. Balls are going away from me on rebounds, I can’t get them. It was a bad week, man.”

Did John apologize?

“Hell no he didn’t do that. He thinks it is my fault that I didn’t catch it and I was in the wrong spot. It was just unfortunate. I know he didn’t do it on purpose,” said Gortat. “I know he probably enjoyed it.”

Did it hurt?

“No, if you really see it, from different angles, I did kind of deflect the ball a little bit with my hand. The ball hit my hand first before it hit me in the face. It wasn’t a direct hit in the face. I would have a broken nose. It was a bad week.”

The recent rough patch didn’t prevent Gortat from celebrating his teammates’ play from the bench.

marcin gortat, shaqtin a fool, washington wizards, nba, truth about it, adam mcginnis


marcin gortat, washington wizards, toronto raptors, nba

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