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Scott Brooks Has A Few New Demands This Season

Updated: September 26, 2018

Welcome to the “Pace and Space” era Scott Brooks!

The Washington Wizards head coach made it known at media day that he will be imploring his players to take more three pointers this season which should be a great sigh of relief for the Wizards faithful.

“We want to shoot more threes. We don’t just want to jack up shots but we want to shoot more threes. We feel that we have a great shooting team. We shot 38 percent [last season], so we need more of them.” Scott Brooks said as he addressed the media at the Wizards’ new practice facility in Congress Heights.

Last season the Wizards were third in the NBA at 3-point field goal percentage at 37.5%.   Sadly, this was almost a moot point because they ranked 23rd in the NBA in 3-point field attempts, only shooting 26.5 per game. In contrast, the Toronto Raptors who adjusted to a more three-point friendly offense under the now-departed Dwane Casey, shot 33 threes per game in 2017-18.

First time All-Star Bradley Beal expressed his sense of shock  on media day when describing how Scott Brooks is ok with him taking “bad shots”

Coach wants me to take bad shots, as crazy as that sounds, that’s what he wants sometimes. That’s kind of an adjustment that I have to make mentally, sometimes you can shoot a contested three and coach will be ok with it or just chucking one up from 40 or 50 feet and coach will be alright with it, that’s something I have to kinda get used to. I’ve never had anyone challenge me to shoot 20 threes in a game. I’ve still yet to do that and he told me that’s something he still wants to see while he’s coaching me.

The Wizards franchise record for three point attempts in a game by a player is 15 and it is shared by Chris Whitney and Gilbert Arenas. It may not be realistic to expect Beal to reach 20 3-point FGA’s in a game this season, but the Wizards record of 15 has a could certain fall given Coach Brooks’s new mission statement. Beal’s 3-point attempts actually went down to 6.5 attempts per game after he shot a career high 7.2 attempts in 2016-17. A career 39.3% shooter from beyond the arc, Beal shot a career low 37.5% last season and that may have have been attributed to his attempts decreasing.

Coach Brooks has also specifically implored Otto Porter to get up as many threes as he possibly can. Porter shot a blistering 44.1% from 3-point range last season, but only shot 4.1 attempts per game. If the Wizards would like to shoot and make more threes this season, Otto should be at the top of the food chain when it comes to those shots. There was definitely a common narrative brewing at Wizards media day of Scott Brooks and Wizards players imploring for Otto Porter to be more aggressive this season. Brooks even went as far to tell media members to get on Otto about shooting the ball more:

“If you guys can do me just one favor, yell at him every time he doesn’t shoot the ball, just scream at him. Ask him questions about that every time ‘Otto why don’t you shoot?’ He needs to shoot more, he passes up three or four shots a game and he passes up threes. I tell him its green (the light) and it can’t get any greener”

Porter can certainly be more aggressive as shooter, but for Scott Brooks and John Wall to act as if they are not somewhat culpable for his lack of shot attempts is not quite the entire truth. Yes, Otto Porter can be more aggressive, but the Wizards have created a culture where Wall and Beal have the ball in their hands most of the time and Porter has not been nearly as empowered to hit that open shot.

When Otto was told by a reporter that Scott Brooks had given him the green light to shoot as many threes as he wanted this season, Otto responded in four simple words: “Word?… Say no more!” The communication seems to be there now across the board, as all the Wizards are getting in on the 3-point shooting craze now.  


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