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  • karl-malone-1985-nba-draft

    NBA DRAFT: The Mystery of the Bullets (and other NBA teams) Passing on Karl Malone

    How bad did the Washington Bullets screw up by not taking Karl Malone in 1985? Recent insight from then-Bullets GM Danny Ferry indicates that it's as bad as you think.

  • Washington Bullets Draft Demons of the Past: Dinner Bell Mel Turpin

    See that fella above? That’s “Dinner Bell” Mel Turpin, a member of the cursed Washington Bullets/Wizards draft history … sorta. Turpin was taken by the Bullets with the 6th overall pick in the...

  • Wizards Fans, The Date is May 19th

    These dice add up to 19, remember that. The 2009 NBA Draft is on June 25th, an important day in so many ways. For one, it’s my birthday….the onset of my...