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  • 20140212-james-harden-lock-arm-flop-vs-trevor-ariza-wizards-rockets

    Even Phil Jackson Thinks The Wizards Got Hosed by James Harden’s Flop vs Trevor Ariza

    Getting hosed on a bad call is nothing new. The Wizards aren’t special. But a flopping call? The league is supposed to be looking out for flops. James Harden? He was...

  • (GIF) Have Court, Will Flop: Yep, It's Blake Griffin

    The Wizards went down to the Clippers and so did Blake Griffin... via a phantom Nene elbow. Let's GIF.

  • Washington Wizards on NBA Flopping

    Now a finable offense? JaVale McGee flops versus Dwight Howard. Flopping has become the fashioable conversation of distraction heading into this new, full season of NBA basketball. In all likelihood, there will...