Visuals from Wizards Blog Truth About | Truth About - Part 8


Truth About is not just a text-based blog, we believe in equal-opportunity pixels. We’ve long taken our own photos (some know them as photographs), screen shots (i.e., bootlegged still television), and videos (which span from live talking to more bootlegging action). We’ve also created Photoshop’d manipulations, have borrowed (and hopefully cited) the content of others, and have certainly freely provided our pixel manufacturing to be cited by others.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a million-billion pixels, and we like to provide a fraction of those through our own eyes.

You can check out our Photoshop category for fun, see that we have a categories imperfectly dedicated to visuals and GIFs otherwise, and find several of us on social media sites which convey imagery. There’s a Flickr slideshow via Kyle Weidie ( below, but also find us at the bullets below.

Andrew Lawrence - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueGlen Rice, Jr. vs Evan Fournier 2 - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueAndrew Lawrence - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueJan Vesely Work - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueJan Vesely baseline pass - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueThe Jan Vesely Above - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueJan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueJan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueGlen Rice to the rack - 2013 NBA Summer LeagueIMG_5623 Jan Vesely dunk copy